Knox Western History

Founded in early 1930, the Knox Group has been recognized for over seventy years as the specialist within the compressor industry. Our reputation was established by consistent high standards and has been and quality control, is maintained by our professional engineers and craftsmen who elicit great pride and satisfaction in their product.

The principles established by Earl E. Knox have been maintained and are followed by Knox employees to this day: “Do a good job, the best you know how. Don’t misrepresent. Sell at a reasonable price. Most of all, stand behind your guarantees and your promises.” Adherence to these principles, as well as establishing a policy of working closely with the customer, has enabled the Knox Group to grow and preserve our proud reputation not only in North America but also in the international

Whether working with Firestone to design and modify vacuum equipment, with Allied Fibers to develop specialty boost compressors for a proprietary process, aiding Great Lakes Chemical to design a high pressure compressor package for a unique gas, assisting Texaco production handling sour gas, or developing gas lift projects for a Mississippi-based production company—the Knox solution is both dependable and professional.

The Knox Group equipment is recognized worldwide as reliable and affordable and our products can be found in more than twenty countries including France, Russia, Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Poland, Turkey, Brazil and India. The Knox Group has, indeed, earned international acclaim. marketplace.

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Although headquartered in Erie PA,

Knox Western is a Global company

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