About the Eagle series

Reciprocating gas compressors

The Eagle frame series is available in both two and four throw configurations. These heavy duty frames are designed with internal ribbing in the frame bodies and external ribbing on the crosshead guides. Full pressure lubrication to the frame running gear is accomplished by a crank mounted oil pump. The single piece babbit faced crossheads have full pressure lubrication top and bottom assuring minimal wear and long life.

Connecting rods use a I-Section design to assure rigidity. Machined crankshafts are designed to meet the demands of all of the various applications and to meet the exacting standards that are required.
The Eagle cylinder line is designed to accommodate varying applications from low pressure, high volume jobs to high pressure cylinders to 7200 MWAP applications.[/one_half_last]

Eagle 200 Series

Avail;able in both two throw and four throw configurations, “3, “3.5 and “4.5 stroke rated at 10,000 pounds tension and Compression frame load capacity. This series uses the TP style as well as the Eagle compressor cylinders mounted on a larger wider base, and accommodates up to 12” diameter bore cylinders.

Eagle 3000 Series

A heavy duty intermediate size compressor
offered as a two-throw or four-throw unit,
and with 3”, 3-1/2”, and 4-1/2” stroke.
Frame load for this unit is 15,000 pounds
Tension and Compression, making is a
very economical compressor covering
a wide selection of services.

Eagle 4000 Series

The Mainstay of Knox Westerns large compressors for many years. Built in both two-throw and four-throw models in both “3 and “4.5 stroke. Frame load for this compressor is 20,000 pound Tension and Compression.

Eagle 6000 Series

This series is currently the largest of the Knox Western compressors built in both two-throw and four-throw models in “3 anbd “4.5 strokes with frame load rating 30,000 pounds tension and compression.

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