Reciprocating gas compressors TP Series Eagle Series

The TP is a low horsepower line of compressors, was designed to meet a wide range of compression Requirements. Single and multistage applications with Discharge Pressure to 6500 PSIG. The TP Series can be configured with distance pieces and special Materials. It comes with a single, 2 and 4 throw configuration Frame. The TP can be Splash Lubricated or Force feed lubricated.

The Eagle series is a mid range line of compressors, designed to be coupled with today’s high speed drivers. Rod load Ratings to 40.000 pounds combined with MAWP to 7200 PSIG give this series of compressors the flexibility to by applied in a Varity of services.
Compressor Features Applications
  • Vibration free operation is achieved through the horizontally opposed, balanced design.

  • Proven simple design for reliable operation and easy service.

  • Oil free cylinders are available where purity of the gas must be maintained. These may offer savings compared to lubricators, discharge gas filters, and purchasing and disposing of lubricants.

  • Standard components throughout the range of models, means that smaller parts inventories are required to service the many different models.

  • Efficient and economical because each compressor is sized and designed to suit each application, without compromise.

  • Lower maintenance costs because of the simple design of the compressor and compressor packages. Many applications do not require water or cylinder lubrication systems.
Natural Gas Handling Compressors
  • Gas Well Depletion
  • Pipeline Gas
  • Cogeneration Gas Booster
  • Feed Gas for Processes
  • vBio-Gas Recover
  • Liquefied Gas Transfer
  • CNG Vehicle Fueling

Air Booster Compressors
  • Oil Free Plant Air
  • PET Bottle Blow Molding
  • Seismic Air
  • Sewage Treatment
  • High Pressure Process Air

Gas Separation Compressors
  • Feed Air for Gas Separation
  • Industrial Oxygen
  • Industrial Nitrogen

Process Compressors
  • Dry Ice Vapor Recovry
  • High Pressure Gas Storage
  • Hydrogen Processes for Food and Chemical Processing
  • Refinery Gas Feed Stock and Vapor Recovery.
  • Nitrogen Purge Compressors
Compressor specs Systems available
Power range
10 to 1,600 HP
Number of throws
1, 2 or 4
Speed range
400 to 1,800 RPM
Stroke options
3.0", 3.5" or 4.5"
Maximum fram load
30,000 pounds (combined tension and compression)
Cylinder size range
1.125" to 22.0"
Cylinder designs
Full lubric ated, mini lube or non-lubricated (oil free)
Working pressure ranges
100 to 6,5000 PSIG
Number of stages
Up to 6

  • Bare Compressors

  • Sub Packages, (Compressor,
    Coolers, Vessels and Piping Mounted on Skid)

  • Full Packages, (Compressor, Coolers, Vessels and Piping with Controls and Driver Mounted on Skid)
We can provide Air, Carbon Monoxide, CO2, H2S, Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Oxygen, Wet Hydrogen, Argon, Nitrogen, and Methane gas compression equipment.